Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#1 priority of Nebraska Family Alliance: killing state bill ensuring equal protection of LGBTs in employment

Left to right: Dave Bydalek – Policy Director, Karen Bowling – Outreach and Operations Director, Hallie Ewing – Communication and Office Coordinator, Hannah Buell – Policy Research and Intern Coordinator, Al Riskowski – Executive Director (Via Nebraska Family Alliance Website)

The "Action Alert" on the organization's web site says: If you only call your senator one time this session, let THIS be the time."
     Below are the silly Stepford talking points the Nebraska Family Alliance is coaching its supporters into using in order to further the organization's fake heterosexual victim narrative and kill equal employment protection for LGBTs in the Unicameral crib, because hey, it should only be illegal for LGBTs to discriminate against homophobic Christers, not the other way around.
     In case you've forgotten, here are links to the untruthful testimony of NFA's Hannah Buell to the Lincoln City Council and to the NFA's Dave Bydalek trying to con Sen. Brad Ashford into buying the conclusions of the discredited Regnerus Study.

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