Sunday, October 13, 2013

Israel Electric Corp.'s versions of Bert and Ernie now have a baby; wags wondering which puppet (Sheka or
Teka) is the power bottom

Two puppets, named Sheka and Teka (Yiddish for, respectively, socket and plug) have been, well, plugging the state-owned Israel Electric Corp. since 2002. New ads show them raising a baby.
      In their latest ad, Sheka and Teka are seen in a living room, talking to a pinkish baby puppet with a tuft of orange hair. The scene then flashes back to a hospital nursery, where the baby is sucking on a pacifier and Teka congratulates Sheka on the birth of his child. It's unclear who the mother is.
      ...The Israel Electric Corp. says it does not understand the fuss over the campaign. It says the puppets, who have been on the air since 2002, are merely delivering the company's messages.
     "They represent the concerned Israeli, who is really worried about the air quality he is breathing and the environment he lives in. The baby that was born now represents the next generation," said Oren Helman, a senior vice president who is behind the commercial. "There are no hints or ambiguities here."

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