Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Westboro Baptist Church files amended federal complaint against Nebraska alleging state's funeral picketing law discriminates against it

Also: Auckland, NZ students, The Law Revue Girls make disapproving (but sexy) 'Defined Lines' parody of Blurred Lines video

From the AP:
The amended free-speech lawsuit, filed Monday in Lincoln's U.S. District Court, challenges a Nebraska law that requires protesters to stand 500 feet away from a funeral service. The amended filing comes after a federal appeals court in April reinstated the lawsuit, reversing a lower court's dismissal of the case.
     The amended complaint includes at least 16 examples in which the church says its members were kept hundreds of feet from funeral services, while counter-protesters were allowed to congregate immediately outside services...
     The lawsuit's new examples include a protest in June 2012 at a funeral in York in which the church says members were kept five blocks — about 1,000 feet — from the funeral while counter-protesters were allowed right outside the doors of the church and inside the cemetery.
      "They have signs and flags, just like us. There's no difference, other than content," [church member and attorney Margie] Phelps said. "(The law) is being applied discriminatorily."

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