Friday, June 7, 2013

Watch Director of National Intelligence, Gen. James
R. Clapper, commit perjury, blatantly lie to Congress about domestic surveillance on millions of Americans

Click on above tweet screencap to enlarge.
You'd think that if, oh, say, Nebraska had standup senators who respected the right and expectation of law abiding citizens to be free of government surveillance, that they would be outraged.
     That they would be issuing press releases.
     That they would demand that General Clapper be fired and prosecuted for perjury for what he said right after the 6:45 mark.
     But hey, you get what you vote for: Deb Fischer (202-224-6551) and Mike Johanns (202-224-4224.)
     And smarter Oregon voters get the kind of senator they voted for: Ron Wyden.

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