Friday, April 12, 2013

Video: dude/dude Craigslist hookup ends with man dragged naked through downtown Omaha

     Also in AKSARBENT:
Oh look, here's the employee HCA scrounged up to tell the media its KC hospital didn't really screw over a gay couple. And here's the HCA employee who said the whole thing blew up because of "the fags."
Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead isn't the only top itunes song ripping Margaret Thatcher in the U.K.
Left: Amazing L.A. photos taken by street photographer with tricked-out truck.

Executive summary: naked guy thought other guy left with his wallet, but Omaha's helpful cops found it in his room.
     This news came just in time. After video of a bus driver beatdown of a passenger in Lincoln surfaced earlier today, in which a fed-up driver pummeled a passenger SEVENTEEN TIMES and then dragged him off the bus and left him in the street, we momentarily despaired that Omaha's rowdy reputation was being usurped by its normally sedate southern neighbor.
     AKSARBENT notices in passing that:
1) the video below, which accompanied Mary Rezac's story, is from the website of the Omaha World-Herald
2) for some reason the paper chose NOT to tag with its logo a video of a naked guy in a post-dude-dude hookup dispute being dragged east on Douglas Street in broad daylight.
3) Gee, don't the people who work at the World-Herald have enough civic pride to publicly get behind their downtown neighborhood?

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