Thursday, April 11, 2013

KC MO hospital that had gay patient's partner arrested, Research Medical Center, is now deleting hundreds of critical facebook comments

Update: Read Gorley's daughter's firsthand account of her father's abuse by Kansas City police and a Medical Research Center nurse who said to her dad in front of his infirm husband:
"I know who you two are.
You need to leave."

At about 4 pm, CST, AKSARBENT noticed in excess of 350 comments on Research Medical Center's Facebook page, almost all critical (to put it mildly); as of 5:02, there were about 120 comments.
     Digital disgust at Research Medical Center is apparently being heaped upon the hospital's social media presence faster than the institution can bury the evidence.
     Now the hospital is saying, in a VERY carefully worded statement, that IT did not seek a restraining order:
In the meantime, the disappearance of hundreds of comments — almost every one critical of Research Medical Center — isn't going unnoticed on the center's Facebook page:


Over at AmericaBlog, John Aravosis explains exactly how Obama's gay hospital visitation policy is supposed to work, and why it applies to Research Medical Center.
     Finally, here, is a purported, but uncorroborated and unattributed message from an unnamed sister-in-law of Roger Gorley which The Gay Report said it received hours ago:
"These are my brother-in-laws. The same day that Allen went into the hospital they were scheduled to leave on a vacation. Roger did nothing wrong other than simply refusing to leave Allen's bedside. Lee, Allen's younger brother, who has never liked Roger, got into an arguing match with Roger and got very hateful and nasty, saying that Roger was taking Allen on some "gay vacation so he can get butt fucked by 50 guys". Apparently, Lee thinks that's what it is to be gay/homosexual. He has no concept or understanding that they have shared a loving relationship for the last 5 years.
     Lee told the police and nurse that Roger was mistreating Allen. Roger told the nurse that he was Allen's partner and had every right to be there and they shared power of attorney. He did raise his voice at the nurse saying he had the right to be there and she needed to make Lee leave because he was upsetting Allen. So the nurse apparently didn't appreciate being yelled at by Roger and immediately called security. So I guess that's what you call being disruptive?
     The worst part is when Roger tried to explain to the nurse that he had the legal right to be there and that he and Allen had joint power of attorney she wouldn't even hear it. He tried to explain that they make medical decisions for each other and it wasn't up to Allen's brother Lee or his sister Pat. In fact Lee hadn't seen Allen since X-mas! He never calls or goes to see Allen or Roger. Pat only visits when she needs something! The policy took Roger to the ground. Bear in mind he's early 50's with grandchildren, his glasses got knocked to the floor, both his hearing aids got knocked out of his ears. Was it really necessary for 2 young police officers to be that aggressive? And they did this in front of Allen who was already traumatized!"

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