Saturday, April 13, 2013

Antigay Omaha mayoral candidate Jean Stothert now benefitting from two mysterious dark money groups running attack ads against her opponent, Mayor Suttle

KETV's Ryan Luby has been looking into dark money spending in the Omaha Mayoral election and has found two anti-Suttle groups who are helping, but presumably not illegally coordinating or communicating with, the Stothert campaign: the Nebraska Leadership Forum and Omaha Tomorrow. 
     Wrote Luby:
Nebraska GOP Director Jordan McGrain put the Nebraska Leadership Forum ad together.  He's working for the group’s chairman, GOP operative Tim Barnes...  although the group has not filed with the state, it did file with KETV.
     Omaha Tomorrow is another political group airing an ad targeting Suttle’s tax record.  The group has yet to file with the state or KETV.  The only contact KETV has had with Omaha Tomorrow is through its ad agency in Virginia.
     Luby further reported that "The Federal Communications Commission requires television stations to keep records of political ad buys and to make those records publicly available."
     A quick check of the Federal Communication Commission's web site (see below) indicates KETV certainly isn't disclosing to the public — or at least not conveniently via the web — how much money, dark or otherwise, is being shoveled at it by Omaha political candidates, parties or wealthy, anonymous 501(c)(3) donors.

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