Saturday, March 23, 2013

Short Takes: NE lags pitifully in wind energy; Koch Bros. may buy newspaper chain;

Map: Department of Energy. Click to enlarge.
In Nebraska, more gusty than all but five states, only 3.7% of electricity is generated by wind, compared to almost 25% in Iowa and South Dakota and nearly 12% in Kansas and Colorado

Ugh. Koch Bros. reportedly is interested in buying Tribune newspaper assets, including L.A. Times, Chicago Trib, Baltimore Sun, Hartford Courant and four other major dailies. 23 TV stations and cable network WGN American are also Tribune properties

Autism rates in U.S. chidren continue to rise

Planting Peace group spent $83,000 to buy house across from Westboro Baptist Church and pained the siding to resemble a rainbow flag

Alan, uncle of Marie Osmond's gay daughter, will host an anti-gay marriage rally featuring the "best" of Utah's families. Below, Jabba The Hut Mr. Osmond explains how renowned choreographer Chuck Norris helped butch up the Osmond's "dance" routines back in the day

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