Saturday, March 23, 2013

Two bills limiting rights of Nebraska property owners introduced by State Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial

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Mark Christensen (Photo: Nebraska Unicameral)
The first, LB520, would legalize trespassing by surveyors, as Ben Gotschall sharply noted.
     The language of Christensen's bill would, for example, allow surveyors engaged by a pipeline or oil company — or anyone else — access to a farm or ranch without a permit and without the permission of the landowner.
     The second, LB335, would take away rights of business owners to restrict firearms on their property by authorizing visitors to conceal weapons in their vehicles in private parking lots open to the public — even allowing loaded assault rifles in the parking lots of day care centers or public schools.
Christensen's bill also specifies situations in which business owners can be sued by people they have forbidden to bring weapons onto their property. His bill makes them responsible, in such situations, for the legal costs of the people suing them.

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