Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reddit-excoriated Indiana teacher, Diana Medley, is placed on administrative leave after telling TV station gays have no purpose in life


The reddit-fueled popularity of the above video has now reached over 1.1 million views and North Central High School is feeling the heat, as is Sullivan High School, where Diana Medley does not teach, but where a "traditional" heteros-only (alternative) prom is being organized with her help, because gay couples might be attending the school's official prom.
     When asked by a reporter if she believed gays have a purpose in life, Medley, a special education teacher, told WTWO, “I don’t. I personally don’t. I’m sorry. I just ... I don’t understand it.”

     Here's part of what Indiana's Sullivan Daily Times' Pete Wilson is reporting:

     The Sullivan County teacher whose controversial comments about gays set off a media firestorm has been placed on paid administrative leave by her school district.
     NESC Superintendent Mark Baker said in a Wednesday statement that Medley, although not mentioned by name, and North Central administration have received “aggressive” emails, which were given to local law enforcement for review. Those communications have led to a constant police presence at the school this week.
     ...Baker would not comment on whether any disciplinary action is forthcoming... He also reiterated the district’s disappointment and disagreement with those words and “have emphasized they do not reflect the schools’ views or opinions.”
     Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department vehicles were present on school grounds on Wednesday. The Times also received reports that a “SWAT” team was at the school that morning, but Sullivan County Sheriff Bryan Kinnett said that it was a scheduled visit by a Terre Haute task force — a type of response team not available in the county.
To read above graphic, click on it to enlarge.
     ...There was also a large police presence at Sullivan High School Wednesday night for a meeting of Southwest School Corp. Board of Trustees.
     Board President Grant Bryant read a statement reiterating that all students are encouraged to participate in the April 27 prom.
     “We never attempted to sway or prevent any of our students from attending prom activities,” Bryant said.
     ...It was the first meeting of SWSC trustees since the controversy began. The meeting was sparsely attended, and no one commented on the issue.
     Meanwhile, the group planning the alternative prom, the “2013 Sullivan Traditional Prom,” has made its Facebook page open to the public again.

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