Friday, February 22, 2013

Candy maker Mars mum on wrongful termination suit by gay mom

From a 1982 expose of Mars, the 3rd largest
privately held US company. 2010 sales:
$30,000,0000,000. Headquartered in McLean,
Virginia, the company is entirely owned
by the Mars family.
From the Warren County Express-Times:
Kwiecinski's treatment at work began to deteriorate in March 2011 after her co-workers met her partner at a week-long work conference in Florida and first learned of her sexual orientation, according to the complaint. She introduced her partner, Dana, and their son, and noticed that the group immediately treated her and her family differently, according to the complaint.
     When she returned to work from the conference, Kwiecinski claims she was given an unreasonable work load and when she asked for help, she was either ignored or told '"well that's the business now, we all have to work bigger jobs,"' according to court papers...
     Following her pregnancy complications and revelation of her sexual orientation, Kwiecinski alleges she was placed on a performance improvement plan that proved impossible. She alleges that this culminated in her wrongful termination in September 2011.
Mars owns Uncle Ben's, Wrigley and various chocolate brands, including M&M's and 3 Musketeers.

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