Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Gurizada Fandangueuira band members arrested after Brazilian Nightclub fire; club video footage missing; co-owners of Kiss Club also arrested

Update: Outdoor flares used; missing video mystery solved

Left: the Gurizada Fandangueira band's "Sputnik" pyrotechnics machine generating floor-to-ceiling sparks from the stage on the night that foam ceiling insulation at the Kiss Club in Santa Maria, Brazil caught fire. 234 are dead and 80 120 are hospitalized. Three quarters 50 of the dead were found in bathrooms, the doors of which they may have mistaken for exits in the smoke and confusion.
Arrested club co-owners Mauro Hoffman (left)
and Elissandro Spohr
     Police said a computer which would have held surveillance footage and/or images of the  inside and outside of the club has disappeared.
     Police chief Sandro Meinerz said the club's co-owner Elissandro Sphor, who was in the club at the time of the tragedy, denies taking the equipment.
Dead or arrested Gurizada Fandangueira band members (l-r):
Danilo Jacques, 28, who perished attemping to retreive his
accordion; arrested lead singer, Marcelo Santos;
arrested band member, Luciano Bonilha

     Both of the club's co-owners, Sphor and Mauro Hoffman, have now been arrested. Hoffman, lawyer in tow, turned himself in at a police station after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Sphor, in a hospital being treated for smoke inhalation, is under police guard in a hospital.

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