Thursday, September 27, 2012

Iowa Family Leader: where Iowa Nice goes to die

Like Hitler complaining about the rudeness of the French, here we have Tamara Scott in Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs complaining that lawyers and voters defending Justice David Wiggins against relentless character assassination by her No Wiggins campaign are getting "personal" — moments before her Trash-Wiggins road trip buddy, Bob Vander Plaats, ticked off a list of the nastiest anonymous Judicial Review comments about Judge Wiggins that he could find. (Props to a gay-friendly photographer who shall remain nameless.)

AKSARBENT took a little poetic license with the video editor, and if we went too far, we can only blame the bad influence of the Family Leader's example, namely that 15-word smear of Justice Wiggins plastered on their huge red bus (paid for with lots of out-of-state money from the secretive National Organization for Marriage) and repeated four or five times in their YouTube smear below

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  1. well because of these diots - I wouldnt ever waste my time or tourism money in Iowa....they are a embarrassment to the state...look at that motley crew in front of the HATE bus.