Monday, August 27, 2012

Who will profit from 2012's severe drought?

Corn In Drought, 7/28/2012. Photo: Theresa L. Wysocki, via Flickr
USA Today quotes Evan Smith of U.S. Global's Global Resources Fund.
With grain prices high and inventory low, farmers will aggressively plant next year to profit, he says. Monsanto, which has already seen its shares rise 22% this year following a busy planting season in 2012, will benefit again, Smith says. Meanwhile, fertilizer makers CF Industries and Potash are likely to see strong demand in 2013 as farmers look to boost their yields when they replant, Smith says. Shares of CF are up 43% this year; Potash's are flat.
     "Prices are going up all over the world," says DLS' Steinberg. "Nothing ends up being benign."

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