Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nebraska Family Council's Hannah Buell to Regents: including gay couples in health benefits would 'lead students to disrespect the academic process'

Photo: Fred Knapp
In testimony before the NU Board of Regents,  approved health benefits for unmarried partners, including same-sex couples, Hannah Buell managed to string together so many dubious and irrelevant cliches that AKSARBENT wonders if she was just going through the motions.
     Nevertheless three of the eight regents bought her preposterous arguments.
We communicate to students that sexual relationships without a lifelong commitment are just as beneficial as relationships with such a commitment, such as marriage,” she said. “Yet we know that after decades of social science research that this belief is scientifically inaccurate. This proposal could unintentionally lead students to disrespect the academic process and scientific research and lead students to make personal decisions that cause damage that could have been avoided.

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