Friday, March 9, 2012

Omaha LGBT ordinance hearing: the anti's, the 'phobes, the confused and the just plain crazy

The public hearing of Ben Gray's proposed modification of the Omaha ordinance enumerating protected classes to include LGBT citizens was Tuesday. Equal Omaha marshaled proponents and made sure their testimony was focused, compelling, and within time limits — OR ELSE!

Too bad AKSARBENT missed it. But that's ok: since proponents were scheduled first, they got on the early news.

Here is the other side, which was far more entertaining, especially to anyone who might have had a cocktail or two (as we suspect the last person in the video did, but we love him anyway and who are we to judge?)

As always, AKSARBENT's editing is Fair and Balanced.


  1. F u Omaha - I wouldnt shit in your hateful bigoted state - go fuck yourselves and jam your buybulls where the sdun dont shine

  2. Request - I would have liked if you had also pitch-corrected the twice-as-fast portions of the black lady's testimony. Chip-and-dale pitching of her word-salad spew caused me to disengage from that portion of the video.

  3. love it. nothing like stuck-in-the-midwest-old-time-crazy. and you wonder why real estate prices around here are depressed? those people. that's why.