Friday, January 6, 2012

Short takes: Mel Gibson's first wife gets huge divorce settlement; Repurposing tricks; Groundhog corners g-man; We are the 1%: mobile bandwidth hogs

Mel Gibson's first wife, Robyn, gets biggest divorce settle in Hollywood history

Book examines the abandonment of science in politics

More LGBT-friendly low income housing needed for gay seniors

Most popular repurposing tricks of 2011

Bain capital doesn't count jobs created or lost, yet Mitt Romney says he created 100,000 and no one asks him to prove it

Groundhog corners FBI agent outside cafeteria, hoping to score some human food

Upcoming Democratic convention to throw spotlight on NC marriage battle

Half mobile bandwidth used by 1% of users


  1. A thoroughly awful headline:

    Gibson's ex-wife gets estimated $425M in divorce

    Settlement believed to be biggest in Hollywood history; pair had no prenup

    She didn't "get" anything, those were assets she retained, because she already owned them.

    And, no prenup? Pre-nup agreements are most often focused on terms for dissolving a marriage in its first year or decade, providing an equitable, but less than 50%, distribution of assets, to the less affluent spouse.

    They were together for 28 years.

  2. That's his fault that he's not having that necessary prenup.