Monday, December 19, 2011

Video: Communist rat, obviously curious about blue blood, bites Anderson Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper, on assignment for 60 Minutes, went to a protected coral reef off Cuba that is home to so many colorful fish that you'd think Walt Disney got seasick and threw up in the water. There is also a truly frightening traffic jam of opportunistic sharks, obviously warned by Fidel Castro's brutal gay brother Raúl not to dismember cute male American celebrities while  guests of the regime.
     Some Cuban rodents clearly didn't get the memo, as you can see in this outtake, in which Cooper, son of socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, weathered what must surely be his first rat bite, eliciting no small amount of concern by his attractive and charming Cuban escort, which Cooper stupidly failed to milk.
     By the way, 25% of Coral reefs are gone and within another generation 1/4 more will be, but this one is thriving. Truly stunning videography by CBS. National Geographic watch out.

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