Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kindle vs. Nook: 0-3

AKSARBENT went out shopping Saturday and impulsively decided not to leave the store without an eReader so we wandered over the the Apple section to quickly see which one was better by doing our research on the spot. We bought a $79 Nook because 1) it was touch-screen and the $79 Kindle wasn't; 2) no ads; 3) faster software with quicker reponse; 4) support for the ePub format.
     Which brings us to Project Gutenberg, which has 36,000 free books for your reader, many in that ePub format not supported by Kindle.
     The founder of Project Gutenberg, Michael S. Hart, passed away September 6. Here is a brief obituary and related documents. A donation in Michael's memory to Project Gutenberg may be made here.

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