Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seemingly drunk Rick Perry: 'I grew up on a farm... I tell people: so far out in the country that everybody had their own Tomcat'

Texas ex-cheerleader Rick Perry evidently likes alcohol AND guns as he seemed to be referring fondly to a small arms weapon during his bizarre Cornerstone address which many people think he delivered under the influence of something.

Beretta's line-up of small pocket pistols is led by the (.32ACP) caliber Tomcat, a semi-auto that delivers a potent punch from a small, light­weight package. The exclusive tip-up barrel allows the user to easily load a round directly into the chamber. Very small, very concealable. The weapon is similar to its larger counter­part, the Beretta 92FS M-9, which is used widely by the American Armed Forces, and Law enforcement.


  1. Wasn't Perry incorrectly referring to a compact loader called a Bobcat? Doesn't sound like he actually grew up on a farm.

  2. No Perry was NOT referring to a gun. He was talking about a mower attachment for a tractor called a "Tomcat". That's one of the companies that makes them. When I lived in the sticks, had one on the back of the tractor called a "Bush Hog". It means you live so far out, your lawn is huge and you need a huge mower.

  3. Had to be a Bobcat