Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How arrogant have Iowa House Republicans become? This much...

The Sioux City Journal reported on the Iowa General Assembly debate preceding passage of HJR 6, which would revoke gay marriage in Iowa and also deny civil unions and domestic partnerships to gay couples.
Iowa House Judiciary Committee Chairman
Richard Anderson, R-Clarinda
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rich Anderson, R-Clarinda, said the equal protection clause requires lawmakers to treat those "similarly situated" equally. "Homosexual and heterosexual couples are not similarly situated in marriage" because same-sex couples cannot, by themselves, procreate.

Marriage, from the state perspective, Anderson said, is "not about love, it's not about romance. It's about driving state policy toward responsible procreation."

Perhaps a reflection on the strong feelings Wessel-Kroeschell spoke of was a rare break from the House tradition of debate. Republican Reps. Glen Massie of Des Moines and Kim Pearson of Pleasant Hill, both supporters of HJR 6, refused to answer questions by another House member.

Kim Pearson (R-Pleasant Hill), Glen Massie (R-Des Moines)
"No, thank you," Pearson responded when asked to yield by Rep. Nate Willems, D-Lisbon. At the time, Pearson was indicating she planned to speak on the resolution. However, she did not join the discussion.

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