Thursday, December 23, 2010

$#*!/Shit/Stuff My Dad Says addresses homophobia

A bit cringeworthy is this throwback to 70's preachiness regarding homophobia, but no more flesh-crawling than Glee's treatment of the same subject, one supposes. We at aksarbent are oddly fascinated that the show would cast John Mahoney as a homophobe, but little else fascinates us about this bomb that apparently CBS cannot throw overboard because of the numbers it inherits from the hit that precedes it, The Big Bang Theory. Not being sadists, we take no joy in seeing an actor as sharply funny as William Shatner roped into a sitcom like this.

We do have to observe that seeing this bit of fiction involving troglodyte old officers vs. forward-looking old officers plays out interestingly against the real life backdrop of DADT and the House/Senate votes: Mahony as retired naval coot McCain and Shatner as anyone in the military who is sane.


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