Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nero's sunken city:
What happened in Baiae, stayed in Baiae

Surrounded by 24 volcanoes, the Roman resort was a never-ending party of debauchery. Varo, Caesar, Brutus, Cicero and Mark Anthony all had villas in Baiae. One featured a "home theater" that seated 1,400. Nero had two villas (he may have killed his aunt to get one), a barge rowed by male prostitutes, and the best banquets in town.
     From the promos for Nero's Sunken City, an episode of Secrets of the Dead:
     The mere mention of Baiae brought to mind scandal and could ruin your reputation. In one description we have by the writer Seneca, he's walking by the port of Baiae and he sees people staggering around, they're so drunk, there are parties going on at boats on the bay and the air is full of loud music. Varo, for example, says Baiae is the place where old men come to become young boys again and young boys come to become girls.

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