Saturday, April 1, 2017

Stothert thanks group boycotting Omaha Steaks, MAT buses, OPPD and a Humane Society for its support

Jerry Kratochvil strikes again! The Leavenworth St. blog
founder,who is now managing Jean Stothert's digital campaign,
shot himself in the foot again with an absurd cutline.
The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association is so whacked it is boycotting businesses like Chuck E Cheese and Brewskys because neither allows Glocks, Rugers and other guns inside, where alcohol is served. (Yes, Chuck E Cheese serves alcohol, and what sensible adult wouldn't need a few belts in a place like that?)
     Also on the organization's hit list: PayPal, The Humane Society, The Holland Performing Arts Center, Goodwill, Woodhouse, OakView and Westroads malls, AMC theatres, Century Link Center, the zoo and the Omaha Children's museum, among many others.
     But that didn't prevent Jean Stothert for thanking the radically right-wing association for its support and money. Stothert reputedly carries a gun in her purse and has been endorsed by the NRA, which killed an amendment in 2013 limiting the size of magazines like the one attached to the 9mm handgun that killed Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco.
     The Nebraska Firearms Association is also sympathetic, apparently, to the gun lobby initiative to make silencers more easily available to the public. The NRA laughably calls the bill the "Hearing Protection Act."
     Silencers will make Omaha's expensive (and questionable) ShotSpotter system far less accurate in detecting illegal gunfire in Omaha.


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