Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Antigay IA Rep. hangs up when CBC's As It Happens questions his Suck It Up, Buttercup bill

Update: Kaufmann has been convicted 17 times and was on probation when he was elected to the Iowa house in 2012.
Iowa GOP Rep. Bobby Kaufman has proposed legislation to fine Iowa collages if they spend tax dollars on what he calls "Cry Rooms" for students having trouble accepting the election of Donald Trump, according to WQAD. The bill would cut funding to schools funding election related sit-ins or grief counseling.
     From WOWT:
     Students and faculty at the University of Northern Iowa gathered at three sessions to discuss the election and their fears. University spokesman Scott Ketelsen says no money was spent on those sessions.
     Students and faculty at Iowa State University held a rally and University of Iowa student groups held their own events. Both schools say they did not spend any extra funds on those events.
     Tuesday, the Canadian Broadcasting Company's As It Happens called Kaufmann to drill down on some of his claims, and he hung up on them. They called back, and Kaufmann said: "I don't speak to media outlets with an agenda." Here's the question Kaufmann couldn't handle:
Bobby Kaufman: I'm not ready to point fingers on specifics but I think we've all seen the reports across the entire country. We've seen them live on reports from reputable media sources. I have people reaching out to me from different states saying, hey, my kid, at this particular college today, the professor was actively discussing the possibility of bringing in a pony — a miniature pony so that people could use it to feel better about the election.
Carol Off: Can I ask you where did that happen? Where was the discussion about bringing a pony to school?
Bobby Kaufmann: My job is to be finding this out. I'm not prepared to name names right now. I'm doing an investigation.
Carol Off: I'm not asking you to name names — just where did it happen?
Bobby Kaufman: Okay… [hangs up]
     Twitter did not respond charitably to Kaufman's cut-and-run media strategy... 
     In October, Kauffman accused, without providing evidence, an Iowa Safe Schools LGBT Parent/Teacher/Student antibullying conference of indoctrinating students as young as 12 about "safe bondage" and of promoting an app which allowed them to locate orgies. He claimed he got "dozens" of complaints. The director called Kaufman's accusations "fantasies" and said he was on an antiLGBT witch hunt.

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