Thursday, June 4, 2015

Watch: the first televised gay documentary aired in U.S.

The video, from a 1961 program with a budget of $100,  can be seen here.  From Back2Stonewall:
This copy of The Rejected was lost for many years and has been restored as much as it could. The Library of Congress states that there were several problems with the edited 2-inch quad videotape master. Many different tape stocks were used to create this program and the quality of these was often poor. The base of the tape is slippery at times, which causes an unstable control track. The stock was also physically heavy, which causes tension during take up. The audio quality is consistent throughout but there are three extended sequences – noted onscreen by subtitles – which feature bad picture quality. The Library’s Recording Laboratory remastered these 2-inch tapes onto digital. You can watch The Rejected in its entirety here.
 (H/T: Nebraskans For Equlity)

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