Saturday, March 7, 2015

KETV shows its straight viewers that they're still in its thoughts and prayers

KETV (with other stations) has been doing one gay story after another lately, with the gay hate crime trial of Gregory Duncan, the burning of a rainbow flag by a homophobic vandal in front of its lesbian owners, and the back and forth between the advance of marriage equality in 37 U.S. states and Attorney General Don Peterson's spend-whatever-it-takes efforts to try to beat back the tide in Nebraska using an budget which must be far more generous than we thought.
     But now — finally— a story just for heteros! About a straight adult-entertainment entrepreneur!
     Or, according to Rob McCartney's lip-smacking introduction: "New tonight, a story that might get your juices flowing."
     (The story's subject, Shane Harrington, wants to open a string of nude "juice bars," which wouldn't require liquor licenses, along Interstate 80.)
     So Rob made a salacious allusion: DID YOU GET IT?

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