Monday, June 16, 2014

Unprecedented: twin, independent tornados touch down next to each other in Nebraska

Lots of supercells produce satellite funnels but twin, independent, simultaneous twisters are unheard of. One of these two wrecked Pilger NE, Sunday evening while nearby Stanton wasn't hit by either.
     Gawker reports that the Faith Regional Medical Center in Norfolk, NE said one person died and 15 were critically injured in the twisters Sunday.  
     The notorious Grand Island, NE 1980 supercell spawned seven tornadoes in one night but nothing as dramatic in time/distance proximity as this.

Disclaimer: the following evil interlude of dark humor and playful homoerotic subtext is in very poor taste, given the above circumstances. AKSARBENT finds it cynical, callous and disgusting and denounces itself for adding it to this post.

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