Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pro wrestler Pierre Clermont, aka Pat Patterson comes out at 73

He retired in 1984, later becoming an exec in Vince McMahon's organization. From the Canadian Pro Wrestling Page of Fame:
Patterson, early in his career
     From Montreal. Star wrestler, particularly in San Francisco, who later became one of the chief architects of the WWF.
      Wrestled as "Pretty Boy" Patterson in the early 60s, and was described as "the pink trunk, lipstick wearing" wrestler by THE RING WRESTLING magazine.
      5-time U.S. champion in San Francisco, where he also won the 1975 Cow Palace Battle Royal -- a major event through the 70s. Patterson came back in 1981 to win the final Cow Palace Battle Royal when promoter Roy Shire was closing down the promotion.
     Patterson was a 3-time San Francisco NWA world tag champion with Rocky Johnson (1972-74) and half of one of the all-time great tag teams with partner Ray Stevens. Together they held the NWA world tag title (1965-67) and the AWA world tag title (1978-79) and reunited for a match in Montreal in 1983.
Apparently, Patterson liked working at World Wrestling Entertainment for McMahon.

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