Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Huge NE Ford dealer that backs antigay bible college gets $15,000,000 of hail damage: 'I guess keeping christ in christmas didn't get them very far"

Yesterday's catastrophic storm pelted Blair, NE, home of Woodhouse Ford, one of the USA's biggest car and truck dealers, with baseball-sized hail, causing considerable damage to the $162 million in inventory at its Blair and Missouri Valley, Iowa locations.
Above: Michael James, of Grace U.
His photo appears to have been recently
removed from the web page from which the
above was cached by Google. We don't
know why. He's a handsome guy!
No homo.
     The dealer, which wears religion on its sleeve in Christmas ads, is also a big backer of Grace University in Omaha, an institution which jerked around and humiliated a gay student, "interviewed" her acquaintances (like the military used to do during witch hunts), outed her to her family, and refused to release a usable transcript for her, just a worthless, unofficial "student" copy (according to Danielle Powell), though Grace University's Executive Vice President Michael James claimed otherwise to the Omaha World-Herald.
     Below: Danielle Powell, expelled from Grace College, proposing to her now-wife (they're Iowa-married) Michelle Rogers at Sokol hall on South 13th at a Macklemore concert in in December 2012. Rogers has started a petition to persuade Grace University to cancel the amount it is billing her wife.

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