Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Omaha suburb's mayor wants to force atheists to help pay for prayer day: 'Take me to fucking court — I don't care'

LaVista, Nebr mayor Douglas Kindig
LaVista Mayor Douglas Kindig added: "Minorities are not going to run my city."
     To which Omaha Atheists responded thusly:

“Minorities Are Not Going to Run My City” Snaps La Vista MayorContact: Omaha Atheists Spokesperson Jill Fitzgerald: 402.740.8645 -
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Omaha, NE— May 26th 2014 — Omaha Atheists, an educational nonprofit focused on local secular issues, invites La Vista Mayor Douglas Kindig to meet and discuss his recent disturbing comments to La Vista resident Mr. Robert Fuller, board member and treasurer of Omaha Atheists. Mr. Fuller approached Mayor Kindig after the “Faith and Freedom Day” Memorial Day service at La Vista Daze. Mr. Fuller explained he respectfully gave Mayor Kindig his business card indicating his concerns about possible church and state separation issues and his desire to speak with the mayor another time. Mayor Kindig’s response to Mr. Fuller was “Take me to fucking court because I don’t care,” and later, “Minorities are not going to run my city”. 

     Josiah Mannion, Army veteran and former board member of Omaha Atheists states, “As someone who proudly served my country defending Mr. Kindig’s rights, I am heartbroken he used the memory of my brothers and sisters in arms to defend bigotry.” Meagan Wilson, president of Omaha Atheists states, “Mr. Kindig’s comments are insulting and dismissive of the rights of citizens to bring concerns to their elected officials. He clearly has strong opinions about this topic, but we are saddened and concerned that he would rather demand legal action that wastes taxpayer resources than have a respectful conversation.” Mr. Fuller stated, “Such an emotional reaction was shocking and I was baffled. I don’t understand what being a minority has to do with anyone’s right to be heard by their mayor.”

     Omaha Atheists have been the target of discriminatory behavior before. Their “Adopt A Highway” road sign was recently vandalized and they reacted positively, inviting the public to meet and dispel misconceptions about them. Continuing this trend of meeting adversity by embracing opportunity, OA welcomes Mr. Kindig to publicly explain his offensive comments. According to the Papillion Times 2012 Election Special Coverage article written by Scott Stewart located, Mr. Kindig stated “I am willing to listen to our citizens because they are the ones suppose [sic] to direct our future.” Omaha Atheists walked in the La Vista Daze parade in support of their La Vista members and to promote their sponsorship of Apostacon, a secular conference coming this September featuring renowned astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, star of the popular Cosmos show. For more information contact Omaha Atheists spokesperson Jill Fitzgerald at 402.740.8645 or by email at

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