Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Glenn Beck helps some more homophobic martyrs nail themselves to the cross on his show

Exhibit A:

     Beck: What were people posting? [In response to Amy Kushnir stomping off the set of her low-rent Dallas TV ripoff of The View over her disgust at Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend, Vito after being drafted by the NFL]
     Kushnir: The most outlandish things I've ever seen in my life. I mean, we're talking pornography pictures, we're talking rape threats. [from pissed off homos, don't you know] There was a death threat. The most unbelievable spewing of hate you've ever seen in your life.
     Kushnir is the daughter of disgraced evangelist Rev. Robert Tilton, whose $80 million-a-year religion scam was exposed by ABC News, but you'd never know it from her bios, which hide her ancestry. Kushnir's moral outrage over sexual titillation being forced on young children ("When parents do not have a choice as to whether they want their kids to see this, it's wrong.") evidently does not apply to her own cavorting with male strippers on local television.

Exhibit B

"It's god vs. the devil, and there's a small minority of people in this world, heterosexual and homosexual that buy into the idea of this agenda that wants to silence people"
—One of the Beham brothers whining about losing a show on HGTV
after his homophobic activities, including trying to stop the
gay day parade in Charlotte, North Carolina were revealed.

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