Saturday, December 21, 2013

New antigay Uganda law, engineered by American evangelists, essentially will make gay Ugandans homeless

Uganda decides the best way
to discourage homosexuality
is to imprison LGBTs
(Screencaps: Oz, HBO)
NPR noted that the anti-homosexuality bill's actual name is "The Anti-Homosexuality Bill" and goes well beyond punishing LGBTs with life sentences in prison. It also makes it a crime to " 'promote' homosexuality, which could mean simply offering HIV counseling."
     But wait, there's more:
     It also makes it a crime punishable by five years in prison for renting an apartment to an LGBT person and not informing on your tenant to authorities.
     "It's trying to make it impossible for people to have private lives," says Jessica Stern, executive director of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, based in New York.
     "If you're perceived to be LGBT, no one's going to rent to you, for fear of their own criminal responsibility," she adds. "So if this law is enacted in its current form, it's basically a homelessness sentence for LGBT Ugandans."
Back when the bill included the death penalty, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council urged its passage, then removed evidence of that support from their website, then lied about what they did.

Below: American Family Association mouthpiece and professional heterosexual supremacist Bryan Fischer, heard in Nebraska on KAYA (Hubbard) and KKNL (Valentine) cheers the draconian new law:

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