Thursday, December 12, 2013

American Family Association's dimbulb radio host, ideological con artist Bryan Fischer, wants US to recriminalize homosexual behavior like India just did,
in order to discourage it

Keller and Beecham in Oz: Prison discourages homosexuality!
Tupelo, Mississippi's American Family Association's chief troll Director of Issue Analysis is Bryan Fischer, the host of the multimillion dollar Christian racket's Focal Point radio program, heard on low power radio stations in places like Hubbard and Valentine, Nebraska and Burlington, Iowa where listeners evidently eat up Fischer's disingenuous, low-rent historical fabrications, like his recent insinuation that Indians had a say in a British colonial law (prohibiting homosexual behavior) that was forced on them.
     Some real history about Britain's criminalization of homosexual behavior:
     The law that India’s supreme court just upheld is one of the most resilient relics of the British Empire. Known as Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, it imposed Victorian values on what colonial rulers viewed as unpardonable tolerance toward homosexuality throughout their empire.
   Section 377 originated from a 1536 English law instituted by Henry VIII. Legally speaking, it shifted the law from church courts to secular ones. In practice, it let Henry accuse Catholics of rampant sodomy, sullying the Papacy’s divine authority, argues Sanders. That turned out to be sufficient pretext for Henry to justify seizing monastic properties, claiming a huge portion of England’s landed wealth for the state. 

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