Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GoodAsYou roasts Christie

Jeremy Hooper is usually, if anything, overly polite in responding to heterosexual supremacists, but something about Chris Christie's passive-aggressive attitude toward New Jersey LGBTs stuck in Hooper's craw today. Hence this pithy takedown:
      You know what, governor? You don't deserve any tinge of warm feelings about these couples' marriages! If you felt such a strong need to spend years telling society that these couples' happiness comes at some great expense (and let's be clear: you did), then you can take your "I'm happy if they're happy" and shove it up your New Jersey Turnpike.
      I'm sorry, but I'm not playing this "he's such a moderate" game, just like I refuse to call him frank or refreshing when he's more accurately acting like a bully. Respect is earned, and on this issue on marriage equality, Gov. Christie has recruited quite the opposite.

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