Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oh look — a nice liberal Garrison Keillor rant!

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Rounds all the bases, doesn't it?
     He blasts racism, plutocrats, sexism, bible bullies, religious hypocrites, right-wing talk radio hosts and homophobes.
     Oh wait. Scotch that last item. We forgot. Garrison Keillor has really never been one to rail against heterosexual supremacists, has he? (Unless there's something uncharacteristic of Keillor beyond the ellipsis in that quote.)
     After all, Lake Wobegon is a place where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, all the children are above average and all the gay people are invisible and almost never mentioned, because... superficially idyllic small town.
     Listening to Prairie Home Companion is rather like watching a Ken Burns documentary — that never-never land in which none of the Jazz stars were gay (especially that one with the "title" — Was it Count? Or maybe Duke? — whose white doctor boyfriend left his practice to accompany him on tour.)
     None of the Baseball legends were gay or bisexual either, especially that left-handed Hall-of-Fame pitcher. Nor that other pitcher who roomed during the season with the same fellow ballplayer for something like 16 years.
     After all, popular history can only go so far.
     But we digress. Keillor's fellow Minnesotan and nemesis, ex-governor Jesse Ventura (yeah, the pro wrestler), has always been more publicly supportive of gay people than Keillor ever was.

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