Saturday, September 21, 2013

Steubenville, Ohio's U.S. Rep., Bill Johnson, launches sexist attack on Keystone XL opponent Jane Kleeb; Esquire: Johnson a 'pipsqueak of a 'ho' for Big Oil

Yesterday, Charles P. Pierce, in his Esquire Blog, wrote:
Jane has worked tirelessly with the farmers in Nebraska to raise the semi-important question of why they should give up their lush farmland to a Canadian company that lies its ass off, and has demonstrated the environmental conscience of the average locust. On Thursday, she got to appear before a House committee, where she was badgered and belittled by a pipsqueak of a 'ho in the pocket of the extraction industries.

ThinkProgress noted the outrageously sexist tone in Johnson's bullying interrogation, during which he warned Kleeb to answer either "yes" or "no" and wanted to know if she was the female in her husband's "woman-owned business." (Kleeb isn't. Johnson couldn't have checked before?)
When she was permitted to speak today, the witness challenged Republicans’ overestimated jobs and economic benefits. Asked about the couple hundred temporary jobs the pipeline may create, Kleeb replied, “Yes, let’s put them to work! You don’t have to wait five years for this project, put them to work on the backlog of infrastructure jobs that you guys continue to block as the Republican Party!”
Jane Kleeb's written testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committee is here.

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