Thursday, September 5, 2013

Russia considers another antiLGBT law, to remove kids from homes of gay parents; rationale: discredited University of Texas Regnerus study

The man who introduced the law into Russia's Duma, Alexei Zhuravlyov, said law enforcement would establish a parent’s sexuality “if necessary.” From Buzzfeed:
     Russia’s rubber-stamp parliament regularly passes Kremlin-backed laws unanimously, including the “gay propaganda” ban that it passed in June, earning it the nickname of “the rabid printer.”
     Zhuravlyov estimates that just between five and seven percent of Russians are gay, and about a third of that number - between 2.3 and 3.3. million people - have children.
     Zhuravlyov’s bill would also extend to single gay parents. Russia’s run-down orphanages already hold hundreds of thousands of children, many of whose parents are alive but unfit to parent.

     “A homosexualist shouldn’t bring up a child. He perverts it. He harms him a lot more than if he were in a children’s home,” Zhuravlyov said. As evidence, Zhuravlyov’s bill cites a study by Mark Regnerus, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, which argued that children of gay parents were as much as a third more likely to be gay than children of straight parents, and at greater risk of suicide, sexually transmitted disease, unemployment, and cheating on their partners. Regnerus’ study has been widely discredited, but Zhuravlyov wrote that it had been “carefully checked by independent experts and raises no doubts.”
The scholarly merit of the laughable Regnerus Study has been questioned by 200 PhDs and MDs; it was concocted to influence the gay marriage debate now before the Supreme Court and it was called "bullshit" by an editor of the very journal that published it, Darren E. Sherkat, who was assigned to audit the study after the uproar it caused.
     The prestigious American Sociological Association ripped apart the junk science of the Regnerus "research" in a Supreme Court brief opposing the upholding of California's Prop 8 (on pages 15-22, which you may read here.)

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