Thursday, September 12, 2013

PBS' American Masters profiles its first athlete:
Billie Jean King

Fresh Air broadcast an episode with the fascinating and important Billie Jean King earlier this week. Also this week, King became the first sports figure ever to be the subject of an American Masters program, probably because she accomplished so much outside sport, using it as a springboard. You can watch online if you've not seen it.

On her dad: A big part of whether you're in sports is your father. My dad always believed in me as much as my brother.

Billie Jean King: I just thought he was was sooo good looking...
Larry King: In that day and age, if you wanted to further your relationship, you had to get married before you did anything further.
Billie Jean King: Oh, we got married so we could have sex? That's true. That's definitely true, we wanted to have sex, yeah... I was totally in love with Larry. I just liked to listen to his ideas — I mean whether it was about egalitarianism whether it was about being libertarian, whether it was about the news of the day...

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