Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rutgers' abusive, antigay basketball coach, Mike Rice, whose caught-on-tape abuse spanned 2 years, gets 'first offense' fine of $50,000; he makes 700K per year

Update: Pernetti fired Rice today after NJ Gov. Chris Christie, the HRC and other heavy hitters called for Rice's departure, convincing Pernetti that he was wrong, i.e., he couldn't stand the heat and got out of the kitchen. Now there are calls to get rid of Pernetti.

Outsports said Brendon Prunty of the Newark Star-Ledger tweeted that Rice's "faggot" slurs motivation was "at the core" of his three-game suspension without pay. And he has to go to anger management detention. And his coaching will be "monitored."
     From ESPN:

     Pernetti also insisted that he had never considered firing Rice...
     When he hired the coach, Pernetti said he knew Rice had a "fiery" personality. "I knew exactly what I was getting and I still know what I've got," Pernetti said. "Mike coaches with an edge. That personality is ideal for our program here in New Jersey. At the same time, there's a Rutgers standard. Everybody who participates in our program at any level, I make clear what that standard is. If something falls outside that standard, he's held accountable."
     Murdock has a theory as to why Pernetti didn't fire Rice.
     "This is Pernetti's big hire -- he wants this guy to be successful," Murdock said. "I have to believe that 99 percent of the ADs would have fired him -- for him to only suspend him three games and $50,000 you think it's significant -- but watching the video you'd think it was not nearly enough of a penalty."
     Pernetti said that Rice would attend anger management courses and "a monitor" would watch his behavior during practice. Murdock said it was unknown whether Rice took the course and that "a secretary from the athletic department" watched the practices.

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