Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today's Paris rally supporting gay marriage was twice the size of a similar rally in mid-December

About 125,000 people (cop estimate) showed up in Paris to support the Marriage For All law to be deliberated by French lawmakers in two days, more than double the size of a similar rally less than 45 days ago.

Below: Ugly American Brian Brown jetted to France earlier this month to make a NOM video which claimed 1,000,000 people at an antigay marriage rally he held organize, estimated by police at 340,000. Video of intimidating right-wing, antigay hordes may have backfired, creeping out a lot of Duvals and LeBlancs throughout France; between early and late January, support for marriage equality in France increased on the street and grew in polls:
 A poll carried out by Ifop for news website last week.html showed that the proportion of French people who support gay marriage rose from 60 percent to 63 percent between early and late January.
     Approval for adoption rights also rose three points, from 46 percent to 49 percent. “Following the demonstration on January 13 we expected less people to back [the reform],” Jerome Fourquet of the polling agency said. “But our findings show the opposite. Support for the plan is increasing – particularly on the left.”

To know them is not to love them: after huge rally by gay marriage opponents homophobia in France intensified and so did disdain for Marriage Equality foes.
Note: The Al Jazeera video below mentions organized opposition to gay marriage by the Catholic Church, but not by Muslim religious leaders.

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