Friday, November 16, 2012

Surprise! Omaha cop union prez, Sgt. John Wells, on latest dog execution: 'I don't see that the officers acted inappropriately... [video] doesn't tell the whole story... officers were left little choice but to protect themselves'

The Omaha Police Union seems to be working from the hollow bullet points used by most PDs in justifying even the most outrageous, cavalier and indefensible summary pet executions. 
     At least the local Humane Society didn't pile on this time, as it did several years ago, when a cop entered a gated Omaha yard to investigate improper registration on a vehicle and then shot a friendly pit bull whose owner subsequently was the subject of a Humane Society complaint for "failing to restrain" his dogs.
     In the latest case, the dog's walker, Chris Schulte, was thrown to the ground apprehended for having an open container and 'obstructing' police.
     Despite the fact that it was an Omaha policeman who got to experience the thrill of wasting the family pet, (one of those notoriously vicious lab/golden retreiver mixes) Sgt. John Wells assured Omahans that the responsibility for the shooting of the dog rested with Schulte and not with the officer who pulled the trigger.

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