Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video: Yunel Escobar outs his barber after Blue Jays manager explains why no one on the team noticed the 'You are a faggot' message on the shortstop's face

Toronto Blue Jays shortshop Yunel Escobar, who now has to give up three days' salary to GLAAD and You Can Play because he was photographed wearing eyeblack reading "Tu ere maricón" (You are a faggot), claimed during a press conference that he had gay friends.
     When asked who, he provided as examples (at about the 20:40 mark), the person who cuts his hair and the person who decorated his house.
     When asked why no one in the Blue Jays organization noticed the eyeblack patch message, manager John Farrell said (at about the 4:10 mark): "...Because it's frequently done on his part, really, no one paid attention to it. The size of the lettering is so small that if you were to view it, you'd have to be right, basically, looking in his eyes."

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