Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bent Alaska proves Jim Minnery organization knew it was encouraging Anchorage voter fraud

Jim Minnery of the
Alaska Family Council
UPDATE: Minnery's sudden amnesia about voting rules; the ACLU sets up a hotline in Anchorage to investigate election fraud and disenfranchisement.

The results of yesterday's chaotic Anchorage municipal election are still in doubt due to much greater than expected turnout and a shortage of ballots. Oh — and apparent widespread voter fraud knowingly encouraged by a leading antigay organization.

Jim Minnery, leader of Anchorage anti-LGBT protection ordinance group Protect Your Rights is the cousin of Tom Minnery, senior vice president of Government and Public Policy for Focus on the Family and a founding member of the Alliance Defense Fund and former chairman of the board. The Alliance Defense Fund recently attempted to torpedo an Omaha LGBT protection ordinance, but failed.

Protect Your Rights actively encouraged voter fraud in Alaska via its Facebook page and the following email from Jim Minnery:
 "Did you know that people can register and vote at the same location and it doesn't even have to be at their precinct location?"
KTUU said this is false:
City law, however, requires voters to register for an election 30 days before it occurs -- a fact which makes Minnery's claim false, according to Municipal Clerk Barbara Gruenstein.
     "That's not true," Gruenstein said.
     While Gruenstein said it wouldn't be accurate to claim people were trying to "crash" the election, she did say she had reason to believe that people from outside Anchorage were attempting to vote.
     Reached for comment Tuesday night, Minnery acknowledged sending the email but denied any conscious plan to crash the election.
From BentAlaska:

Minnery’s misinformation
Yesterday, we reported that an administrator of Jim Minnery’s Protect Your Rights – Vote NO on 5 Facebook page posted the following notice:
Attention Young People or First Time Voters – YOU CAN REGISTER AND VOTE AT THE SAME LOCATION TODAY !! It is super easy. Take a few minutes TODAY and stop by a polling station, register to vote (all you need is your AK driver’s license) and cast a NO Vote on Prop. 5. We really need you to vote. Tell at least 3 of your friends how easy it is.
Click on the MyNeighborhood link below to find your polling place. Once in MyNeighborhood type in your address, then use the Political pull down menu. A map with your polling place location, street address, and Assembly representatives will be displayed.
The post has now apparently been removed from the Protect Your Rights Facebook wall.  However, Bent Alaska took a screenshot of the post and all comments as of 10:42 AM on April 3, which can be read in this linked document.

The first comment on the post was a correction from a Proposition 5 supporter, [emphasis added by AKSARBENT] Joseph A Connors, who wrote,
Umm – actually Jim – REGISTRATION CLOSED 30 DAYS AGO – see: – “you must register to vote or update your registration no later than 30 days before an election.” You really need to stop providing bad information to the public . .
A Prop 5 opponent retorted,
Hey Joe go to your pervert website and help them!
No apparent effort was made by Protect Your Rights to correct the information based on Joseph A Connor’s accurate info or other commenters’ corrections with citation to Municipal voting information. As of this writing, Protect Your Rights continues to display another post with misinformation (or see the linked PDF), though differently phrased:
You have until 8:00pm tonite to help us defeat Prop. 5. Have you called a friend, co-worker or family member to remind them to get to the polls ? Did you know that people can register and vote at the same location and it doesn’t even have to be at their precinct location ?
This proves to be the same text used in an email sent to the Protect Your Rights mailing list at 1:23 PM on election day. (Click through for the entire email in PDF format.)


  1. More importantly, Jim Minnery has claimed he posted the false information because he was misinformed by someone in the Anchorage municipal clerk's office and he should have done "more research" himself. But an email he wrote to his followers on February 17 demonstrates that Minnery knew with complete clarity what the voter registration deadline was. See our followup story on Bent Alaska from yesterday morning. So far, Alaska mainstream media are giving Minnery a free pass on this, even though they've been alerted to the Feb. 17 email.

    Thanks, AKSARBENT, for your support! We took heart from the Omaha victory... the fight goes on.

    Mel Green, editor
    Bent Alaska

  2. Of course all his followers are behind him and being their typical christian selves. The excuse is that Jim wrote an email and is really sorry. blah blah blah. It is only a matter of time before he busts out with his "deeply held convictions". Of course, his followers are saying that it is the yes people who are making this a "problem". it is all such a bunch of crap. May Minnery wallow in his filth.

  3. We all knew this was their corrupt intentions. That organization is scum & should be shut down. Voter fraud will be rampant this election and in Obama's favor nonetheless

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