Wednesday, April 30, 2014

American Family Association HQ was in direct path of Tupelo tornado

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Google photo of AFA's Tupelo headquarters
A cynical person might conclude that the god of the antigay hate group, the American Family Association, might have been trying to tell Timothy Wildmon and Bryan Fischer something.
     At any rate, the AFA came through relatively or completely unscathed from Monday's tornado. Unfortunately 138 homes 2,000 residences and 100 commercial structures in Tupelo weren't so lucky. One wonders how much of the nearly $30 million in AFA assets will go toward helping American families in the well-heeled organization's own back yard.
Path of Monday's Tupelo tornado. The AFA's Tupelo headquarters is at 107 Park Gate Drive

Below, homophobic hate-monger extraordinaire Bryan Fischer revealed Tuesday that AFA took the American Family Radio Network off the air Monday at noon, about 2.5 hours before the EF3 twister arrived. Fischer said AFA's headquarters sustained no damage, even though it "should have just obliterated this place." (Video via Billerico.)


  1. Bose in St. Peter MNApril 30, 2014 at 3:27 PM

    Wait a minute. The AFA helps people in need? Fundraises to assist children living in poverty? Rallies Christians for disaster relief?

    I thought not.

  2. I can tell you how much. NONE, they need to keep hating gay people which is why the ones whose homes/lives were destroyed, they didn't pray enough.

  3. Well, since the tornado caused absolutely no damage to their headquarters, while mowing down thousands of homes, I would say God was telling them to, "Keep on truckin'". SMH Sounds like great PR for them actually.

  4. 300,000 american homosexuals killed by lethal gay STDs and millions off boys molested by homosexuals. Meanwhile no society or generation in the history of the earth ever had homosexual marriages. Seems your pretty intelligentphobic.

  5. Dear low-rent bigot:

    1) STD's aren't "gay." If they were, then 70% of the world's AIDs deaths wouldn't be in Africa, where the disease overwhelmingly kills straights

    2) You claim that millions "off" boys are molested by homosexuals. In fact, most adult pedophiles are not considered by psychologists to have a homosexual orientation, even if they victimize boys. That this is a nuance you don't seem to grasp doesn't surprise me. Here's what UC Davis says:

    3) No society ever had gay marriages before? So what. This is not a reason.