Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TD Ameritrade scion Pete Ricketts finds another antigay candidate to boost: Omaha mayoral aspirant Jean Stothert

In 2008 Peter Ricketts was the largest donor to the campaign of Beau McCoy, who tried to ban all municipal LGBT ordinances in Nebraska in 2012 with his introduction of LB912, which, eventually, was smothered with a pillow in the Unicameral's Judiciary Committee by the troika of Amanda McGill, Brad Ashford and Brenda Council, doing what Ernie would have done all by himself, had he not been temporarily indisposed by a term-limit timeout.
     Now, in 2013, it appears that Ricketts is one of the chief backers of yet another dark money 501(c)(4) "educational" nonprofit called Omaha Tomorrow which is spending at least $44,000 in Omaha's Mayoral election to run interference for Jean Stothert in the form of "educational" ads trashing Mayor Suttle by claiming he raised property taxes by 10%. (AKSARBENT didn't know mayors could do that and still doesn't.)
     Ricketts is also president of the Board of Directors of the Platte Institute, Nebraska's Heritage Foundation wannabe, which is currently agitating for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a project which will only occur in many places across Nebraska via hostile eminent domain condemnations of landowners' property by a foreign oil company, TransCanada.
     Another reactionary rich dude, whose political interference kinda makes AKSARBENT want to use that other brokerage firm — not TD Ameritrade — that other one: you know, the one with the adorable spokesman with the Greek name who was in the Three Stooges movie with Will and Grace's Sean Hayes. Oh, yeah — now we remember — Chris Diamantopoulos, seen at right on the beach with his lovely wife Becki Newton. More photos here.

TD Ameritrade Park is the new home of the College World Series. But first, beloved Rosenblatt stadium had to be demolished:

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