Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Omaha primary: how pro/anti gay candidates did

Last year, District Five Councilwoman Jean Stothert was one of three who voted against Omaha's new gay antibias law, along with Franklin Thompson (see his strange, condescending lecture to gay Omahans below) and Tom Mulligan, who lost his reelection bid by finishing third yesterday.

      The four council members responsible for passage of the antibias measure, Ben Gray, Gary Garrandt, Pete Festersen and Chris Jerram, all will advance to the general election. Here are the numbers from the election commissioner for the top vote-getters as of late last night (the top two advance to the general election): Council candidates who voted progay are highlighted in green; those who didn't are in red.

City Council District 1
Pete Festersen: 5,741 (66%)
Ed Truemper: 2,849 (33%)

City Council District 2
(Ben Gray proposed Omaha's LGBT antibias law, twice, and is an indefatigable defender of his gay constituents.)
Ben Gray: 1,550 (36%) 
Tariq Al-Amin: 931 (22%)

City Council District 3
Chris Jerram: 4,078 (66%)
JR Jasso: 1,999 (32%)

City Council District 4
Garry Gernandt: 2,700 (63%)
Virgil J. Patlan, Sr.: 1,241 (29%)

City Council District 5:
(No incumbent because Jean Stothert, who held the seat, bowed out to seek Mayor's office.)
Rich Pahls: 5,149 (56%)
Jeff Moore: 3,895 (43%)

City Council District 6
Franklin T. Thompson: 7,340 (61%)
Phil Klein: 4,677 (39%)

City Council District 7:
Aimee S. Melton: 3,751 (39%) (Melton is a tea party-aligned candidate.)
Tim Lonergan: 2,717 (28%)
Thomas Mulligan: 2,017 (21%) — lost seat on council

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