Saturday, March 24, 2012

Iowa GOP politics explained

Red State Update's Travis and Jonathan explain Iowa GOP politics.  (This was in the wake of the Iowa Straw Poll, but astute political analysis is timeless.)
Now here's a map of Iowa. See all these red counties here in the middle? All these red counties? That's what Rick Santorum won. These are the counties that are most embarrassed by their lesbian aunts. Now if you look at these green counties here, where Ron Paul came in first? Traditionally, Jackie, these are the counties with the most people who want to open a whites-only restaurant. And if you — look at these orangy yellow counties here where Mitt Romney came in first? As you can see, Jackie, these are the counties where people have just given up.

Red State Update bonus: a faux Rush Limbaugh kind of sings "I am woman."

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