Friday, January 27, 2012

Best Reuben sandwich may be in Omaha, across the street from the former hotel where it was invented

Blackstone, Omaha. Photo: NIC221, Flickr
New Yorkers, who gave the world the pathological liars at Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros. — and Donald Trump — would like you to believe that the Reuben sandwich was invented at one of their delis in 1914.
     Omahans claim that the Reuben sandwich was invented by a poker player at the posh Fern Room at the Blackstone, a stone's throw from what is now Warren Buffett's headquarters, back when the Blackstone was still a hotel.
     Now really, who would you believe: people like that nice Omaha billionaire tycoon who steadily steers Berkshire-Hathaway, or the unindicted New York City criminals who ruined America's housing market?
     We thought so.
     The World-Herald just went spelunking for the best Reuben in the city that begat it and found it — at the Crescent Moon, across Farnam street from the Blackstone!
     There, it's made with Thousand Island Dressing, whereas the Culinary Institute of America recipe specifies Russian (a choice many insist matches the Blackstone Reuben's original ingredient, regardless of what the Moon's menu says) but the sandwich is pretty delicious anyway.

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