Saturday, October 22, 2011

Steve Jobs on his gay replacement as head of Apple: '...He's probably better than me [as a negotiator] because he's a cool customer.'

The Huffington Post has laid its hands on a copy of the soon-to-be-released "authorized" biography of Steve Jobs (see 60 Minutes preview above about Jobs' delay of conventional medical treatment) and says that he was ready to go to the mat to destroy Android in the courts. From Bianca Bosker:
"I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this," he told Isaacson of the patent lawsuit Apple filed against [Android] cell phone manufacturer HTC.
     In Isaacson's "Steve Jobs," ...the author recalls that Jobs, who was known for his fierce temper, "became angrier than I had ever seen him" during a conversation about Apple's patent lawsuit...
     "Our lawsuit is saying, 'Google you f***ing ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off,'" Jobs said, according to Isaacson. "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to... destroy Android, because it's a stolen product."
     ...[In respect of iPhone apps] "Jobs at first quashed the discussion, partly because he felt his team did not have the bandwidth to figure out all the complexities that would be involved in policing third-party app developers."
     ...the book... also offers insight into the man to whom Jobs entrusted the future of Apple: Tim Cook...
     Jobs did not ask Cook if he would take on the role of COO. He informed him, telling Cook on a flight to Japan, "I've decided to make you COO."
     "I'm a good negotiator," Jobs said of Cook. "But he's probably better than me because he's a cool customer."

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